Current Operations

Game Wardens are commissioned law enforcement officers within their scope of authority* only. Many wardens are reserve officers in the counties they work in and play a significant role in terms of the trained law enforcement personnel available to assist other law enforcement officers in rural areas.

The game warden's job is extremely varied and interesting. However, like most law enforcement careers, it can be very demanding and stressful. There are no work schedules or set days off and statutorily wardens are on duty 24 hours a day. Game wardens spend about 40-50% of their time on law enforcement tasks (percentages vary depending on the time of year).

  • Patrolling to ensure compliance with fish and wildlife related laws.
  • Residency investigations.
  • Investigations related to outfitter laws.
  • Safety-related law enforcement patrols with respect to boating, snowmobiling and OHVs.
  • Saturation and under cover patrols related to specific enforcement problems.
  • Landowner relations and trespass problems.
  • Assisting other entities with law enforcement
  • Check station assistance.
  • Responding to landowner complaints on wildlife damage to property.
  • Endangered species enforcement.
  • Migratory waterfowl enforcement.
  • Lacey Act investigations.
  • TIP MONT investigations.

* The authority includes titles 23, 37, 45, 77 and 87 plus littering under title 75 and the Code of
Federal Regulations that Federal Wardens enforce. These are primarily the Montana Codes (MCA).

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