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Larry Zabel's Incredible Contribution to the MGWA

The Montana Game Warden Association is proud to have Larry Zabel, Artist, as an active member of the Montana Game Warden Association.

Head shot of Larry ZabelUpon joining the MGWA, Larry was committed to protecting wild resources. His commitment was turned into action when he asked how he could help contribute to the Tip-Mont program. He later became a member of the board and has commissioned proceeds from some of his prints to that program. Mr. Zabel also expressed interest in helping fund the Montana Game Warden Association (MGWA) and it's projects.


For this reason, Larry painted a beautiful image of a grizzly bear crossing a stream while meandering through the woods and gave all the rights to the original and re-prints to the MGWA, with all proceeds from sales of the print to be used to raise funds for the MGWA.

Photo of Larry Zabel's grizzly bear painting. Fundraising Effort

Limited edition posters, prints and giclee's of his painting "Good Balance" are now available. Having a Larry Zabel painting dedicated to the MGWA definitely puts this organization on the map, enabling the members to support the MGWA and its worthy causes. MGWA members and the game wardens of the state are fortunate to have a friend in Larry Zabel.


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About The Artist

Larry Zabel was born in Deer Creek, Minnesota and as a boy spent his time drawing and carving. Today this well-known and well-respected artist lives and works on his ranch in McAllister, Montana, just 70 miles from Yellowstone. Zabel started his career by earning a degree in art from Long Beach State, then spent a year studying art at Mexico City College. He then worked in commercial art and began documenting activities at the Naval Weapons Center in California. Larry is an artist whose passion lies in the places he paints, not the art world. He truly loves what he paints and it shows in his works. Larry Zabel's work has earned him numerous awards including Best Painting at the Charlie Russell Auction Show and Artist of the Year at the Southern Maryland Wildlife Festival.

In 1988, Larry and his wife Sharon moved to Montana. Since his arrival in the Madison Valley some 18 years ago, Larry has never tired of painting the people and places of this great state. "Montana has the things that I fantasize about... cowboys, Indians, and grizzly bears", says Zabel. At first, Zabel focused on cowboys and Indians as his subject, but now has started painting a wide variety of wildlife found in Montana.

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